My MASTER- Does She Still Want Me?


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My Master – Does She Still Want Me?

The inner desire to please my Master Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Sexually slave leashedallows me to accept that I too could be loved as much as I love this person.  I too deserve to be loved as much as I have put into our relationship.

The thought of anyone truly loving me unconditionally has been a “Myth” in my mind until this relationship.  It wasn’t until we found our roles as Master and Slave in a loving FemDom Relationship that I felt for the first time “true love”.  Now some of you will say I’m fucked up and have some sexual addiction issue, if your one of them “go fuck yourself”, you don’t know the first thing about FEMDOM.

The thought of giving myself to someone in my mind is the most amazing gift one could give.  On the other side is having that person accept you for you and all of your faults and strengths is incredibly powerful.  In no other relationship had I ever exposed all of my weaknesses to someone.

Over the past couple of months it seems my Master have drifted apart not (I believe) on purpose just life, kids, work and other items.  My Master feels I’m distant but I’m not…I want to hold her, kiss her, caress her, adore her every chance I can.  So it seems the more she feels I’m distant I become more distant but still feeling the same about her and just wanting to feel her panties

I wish she would come in the door, collar me right away then get her a COCK TAIL.  It then would be time to take her clothes off of her, bathe her.  Once she is dried and lotioned, I would dress her and she would then allow me to get ready for her.   once ready I would wait for instruction from my Master, maybe she would ask for her queening chair, maybe she would tie me down to the chair and abuse me over and over until she couldnt cum again.

This is just one of the things i wish for….but more than anything I wish she didnt feel I was distant and just held me close because that’s all I want, all I want is to hear her tell me that I have pleased her.

Sounds crazy, I know but when I have pleased her and it’s my turn to cum, she makes me cum so fucking hard.

Loving My Master!OnfaceSitting

Masters Hard Day Makes ME Hard!


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This was part of the post last night but I didnt have this great picture to summarize it.  I dont know the author but I like what they were thinking.

After a Hard Days Work, Master Needs to Cum!

After a Hard Days Work, Master Needs to Cum!


It’s my fantasy every day to welcome her home from work by being on my knees in the bedroom.  My Master would remove her pants and lay me back and mount my face pushing her hot pussy all over me….cumming on me allowing me to taster her.  She cums and gets off of me telling me not to wash my face and to just stay there smelling her panties.

I Still Love It When…I’m collared, spanked, fucked and allowed to serve my Master in every way!


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As you can see from my previous posts I have given myself to My Master and she is everything to me.  She is truly my world; however, we both have work which has taken me away from this site.

When I am with my Master I quietly sit next to her holding her doing anything she asks me to do, wanting her to collar me and hold the leash tugging on it letting me know who is in charge.

It’s my fantasy every day to welcome her home from work by being on my knees in the bedroom.  My Master would remove her pants and lay me back and mount my face pushing her hot pussy all over me….cumming on me allowing me to taster her.  She cums and gets off of me telling me not to wash my face and to just stay there smelling her panties.  Sorry off track…..

The bottom line’s more important to me today to feel my Masters touch to have my Master show me her love by allowing me to please than ever before.  One might have thought our relationship would change but it keeps getting stronger because I know where I belong.

Finally I can feel secure, finally I know I am truly loved for me and that is all you could wish for in a relationship.


Best of luck

If Your Slave Had Three Wishes Tonight


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Some of you might find my writing ridiculous and some of you will understand what I feel inside.  I’ve never wanted to give myself to someone more than the person I am with My Master.  It didn’t start off this way, I never knew I was capable of giving myself to someone like I have. We both never lived this lifestyle before but it fits for us in so many ways.  It’s not about punishment, it’s about love, it’s about taking care of someone and putting their needs first!

As I said, only a few of you will understand how much love, trust, respect you need to have to put yourself in such a position to be torn apart.



Exposing Myself…Giving It Everything


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I look everywhere and see people giving one another half of what they should be giving their partner.

  • They don’t share their thought’s
  • They have an escape route
  • They let expectations get in the way
  • They don’t share their feelings
  • They assume the worst
  • They are hooking up outside of the relationship they are in

Whats all this mean? It means if you are doing any of the above dont expect to be in your relationship much longer.  The person you are with is waiting for the “NEXT BEST THING”.

It might sound harsh but how can you expect the best from someone when you are only giving them the worst of you.  Even if you don’t think they dont know about the other person they do…they can sense it in the way you hold back.

I put together “Pages” for my Master to tell her whats on my mind and not leave anything unsaid.





I’m Sorry For Not Posting, I’ve been Pleasing My Master!


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My Master CUM’s First as she should!

We have normal lives and I have been putting my time into pleasing her in every way.

Expect more posts from me…..but I have lots of dirty nasty thoughts to share with you and some of the things I have made for my master.

Do you like?  If you are a Dominant woman would you like to receive this?


I wanted my master to have an idea of what was on my mind when she wasnt with me.

I wanted my master to have an idea of what was on my mind when she wasnt with me.


Being Submissive Brings Back The Biggest Smile!


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It’s been a while since I last posted.  It’s not because I dont want to it’s because that job thing has just caused me more heartache than it’s worth.

Last weekend my Master had a very hard week as well so I knew it would be a night where I could just hold her and wrap her up in my arms.  B

Before I did that I had washed and hung up all of her panties that I had about 30 pair.  When I got to her house I organized her panty drawer.  Previously I had put all of her panties in groups and individual trays.

What I realized as I did that was I was doing this for my Master not because she asked me to because she wanted me too.  Is she really my Master or is she the one I ache to please?  Either way I am her slave, her fuck toy her, I belong to her and nothing makes me happier to do something for my Master than to do something like that.

It made me smile it took me to another place!

The picture below is amazing because I love being in front of my Master as she gets ready for bed.

Ready To Please, Ready To Serve!

BDSM / SEX Game- A Game That Could Be Fun, No It Will Be Hot, Nasty and Dirty!


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We are staying home and I don’t want to watch a movie so I ran across something like this in a magazine and I put my “DIRTY MIND” spin on it.

You take Tongue Depressors- Get them at your craft store and write on them (see below) and you set up certain conditions where the person gets to pick one and they have to do it.

I am putting this in combination with playing air hockey and darts.

Name 5 Sexual Things You Would Like Done To you
Name 5 Sexual Things you would like to do to me
Name 5 Non Sexual Things you would like to do to me
Name 5 Master/Slave Things you love done to you or to do

Bend Over and Be Spanked
Sit in chair and have your pussy (master) or balls licked (slave) or in swing
tied up to bed and have pussy or cock rubbed all over you
I get to lick your ass while you are tied in chair
Bathing the winner gets to pick (includes everything)
Master ties slave to bed or hands to belt while sleeping…Master fucks slave

Game 1  Winner gets to select being tied in chair or bed and the winning party fucks the tied up person.

The loser has to close out the board still and the number of throws it takes is the number of spankings they get.

Winner selects outfit- and tells the loser  what to do and where to be while they are putting it on.

Winner gets pictures!

The winner gets a **wild card**

Game 2- loser has to put on what the winner wants

The loser has do one thing that the other person knows will show how much they love them.

*****The Master has complete control of the rules and can modify them at any time!

Master Is Cumming Over!


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At Your ServiceMASTER