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Yesterday- I was punished and was not allowed to smell, touch, taste, lick or even see my masters sweet pussy.  My master wanted one thing and one thing only and was for me to cum for her.

She made me lay on the bed while she started touching me after a few minutes I was told to stand up and take my clothes off while she inspected me. After meeting with her approval I was told to get back on the bed and not to move.  My Master / Mistress to her cock and started sucking on it so hard shoving it to the back of her throat while stroking it as it went in and out of her mouth.

Then I was told to cum and almost on cue I came so hard all over her mouth as she swallowed 2-3 mouth-fulls of her slaves hot cum.

When asked if I would be allowed to taste her I was told NO…it’s what I want, and when I want  your face in my pussy I will tell you…I am ready for that!