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When I sit down and write about my time with my master I always think about the day she reads this blog and would she approve…I believe so because I cant keep a secret from her and showed her what I was up too.

Now for the weekend.

Friday night, I gave a quick review. So I will start with Saturday.

Saturday she got ready as i picked up around the house making sure she could see me as I was naked for her.  I love it when I know she is watching me. All of the leather products need to be cleaned and the queening chair needs to be put away along with the special item I made for her so she can tie me down and wheel me around.  All I did was take a automotive “creeper” and put tie downs on it so it connects to my hand and ankle cuffs.  It’s really a neat item and i fantasize about master bringing me into the bathroom as she gets ready and I can stare up at her if she allows me.

After getting ready we ran a few errands and then went back to the house where once again I was naked and loving her hands all over me.  Master had to go for a while which left some Idle time for her slave.

I watched one of the movies we made the night before….THEY ARE SO HOT!

Then I went to the store and bought this little padded footstool which has a West India theme to it, it’s perfect for kneeling in front of her. Then I bought a couple of books one of them was 1001 place to have sex before you die but I renamed it 1001 places I want to make you cum if you will let me.

It was raining when master arrived so I went outside as she wanted me in jeans only with an umbrella for her.  As normal she inspected by having me stand there and she walked around me opened my pants to see her cock and look what I had on around her cock.  She was pleased but I was a little bit bad the night before when she tied me in the 4 wheel cart thing.  So I was brought into the bedroom and given a spanking I believe 4 of them was the number along with that I was not allowed to taste her sweet pussy right away.

Then the rest of the night was magical…it’s all caught on tape especially the part of her squirting all over me….that is so freaking hot,….I am going crazy thinking about it.

I hope you enjoyed this as what I have shared is part of my life which I want my Master to know that I love her and the safety she gives me when she loves me the way she does is an experience I can say I have only felt with her.  It’s not about sex….it only makes sex better.