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I completely forgot and how could I they are sitting right next to me.  I bought my Master new panties.  Nothing super hot just sexy and soft.  My master has so many pairs of panties she has a full drawer at my house and a full drawer at her house.

It’s my job to wash all of her panties.  I always was the new ones before she wears them so they smell like nothing because I use Woolite and hang each pair up individually to dry.

This morning when I woke up…..well that’s another blog but lets say they were so wet by the time I pleased her that they will hold her sweet scent until I see her later in the week.

Dont know what to say I love the way they smell and they make my cock hard when I hold them.  I never felt this way or did this before in my life until I was taken as her slave.


Female with hands on its panties in B&W.

Female with hands on its panties in B&W. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)