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Saturday night didnt work out to see my master so I was left posting pictures of what I wanted to do to her and thinking about feeling her loving touch…her controlling hand.

Thank god for Sunday because it did work out.  Just a little background if you have been following my blog I write it in honor of my Master.   Back to Sunday, she had requested a picture of her slave which I didnt send over soon enough so I was already in trouble.  She had requested me to be in a very specific item and have other items availbable for her desires.

I asked her to text me when she was close by so I got the text and I thought I would be on my knees with a tray on my back a drink, my collar, leash and a “Master Card”  on it.  Have you ever tried to put a drink on a tray on your back especially a martini glass.  Let’s just say it spilled on my back so I had to clean up and make a new drink quickly.

When she walked in my cock was already hard just thinking of her putting the collar on me which was on the tray with her whip and leash.  I was on my knees bent over with the tray on my back and drink in my hand.  I was very exposed to say the least.

She looked amazing with this little skirt that I was just dying to look under.  she inspected me and whipped me 4-5 times for not sending the picture in time.  After that she collared me and pulled my face to her pussy to smell it only.  I love the smell of her pussy. When she holds her leash and leads me I feel so loved and cared for only someone in my poistion could ever understand this.

Over the next few hours I made her cum over and over in every way while watching a video we had made earlier in the month (it’s so freakin hot).  We have this chair thats a chaise where we do it every which way.  I leave her panties on as long as I can so she can rub them in my face when we take them off.

After a while I made a bath and somethimes I am allowed to bathe he using the special “BATH BENCH” or she bathes her slave, she shaves him and drys him.  I am then told to pick out a pair of panties to put on her when she is out of the tub.

If you were wondering about the bath bench I have a board that is wide enough to go across the tub.  I sit there and her cock is right in front of her all the time while I play with her nipples and wash her.  it’s so great.  I plan on making a new one that i even better.

After the bath I asked my Master to lay down and I just kissed and touched her all over.  Her clit was so hard when she ended up cumming all over me I love it , I love to feel her cum.

Here is the really amazing part of being a slave.  I held her tight all night and she touched me playing with my ass her balls and cok and it felt so good. when she touches me this way and tells me she loves me I know its true, I know its true because someone cant fake this kind of touch or kiss. I am so luck to have this love as its a very safe feeling beign able to tell her every fantasy and thought I have knowing she would never laugh at me.  OK I am getting turned on thinking about this.

This is why I save myself for her everyday as she gets every drop of cum!

I will post about my explosion of cum later……