Super tired right now so if this doesn’t make sense don’t hold it against me.


Now we got that out of the way I cant wait to go away with my master soon.  I have several surprises for her.  We dont live far from San Francisco and there are so many great shopping places I cant not go into.

I bought her a leather outfit!….I bought a leather Jock and a short leash with a small whip to go with a great purchase of Chaps I made.  She loves them on me and I cant wait to wear them for her.

Along with that I got some really cool cock rings and shaft rings  for my master to put on me.

But one of the best things I did was made our bed a bondage bed….it was super easy and you have to do it !  I will get some pictures but if you have a metal frame it takes about fifteen minutes and you are in the zone!