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It’s an amazing feeling when you have given yourself to someone and they have taken you for the person you are.  I thought I knew what love was but I was so wrong until I met my Master. Before we both never experimented with BDSM but after we did i felt so different, she showed me what love was with her words and actions.  I hear words but I feel actions and when she touched me I could feel something that I never had felt before. It was true love a feeling that could not be explained just felt.

Over a little time I became very in tune with my Master and one time I could feel when she felt that I may be holding back by her touch.   I felt pain in a way that I had never felt before and asked her if she wanted me to leave.  She didn’t and I didn’t want to either. It goes to show you that love is painful in more ways then words.

What I am trying to say is I share thoughts and do things I never thought I would do in my life but by her acceptance of those things has built the highest level of trust one could ever build with another person.

When I tell her I want her panties and take them with me on business trips, she doesn’t judge she appreciates.

When I make her a queening chair, she loves it.

When I share anything with her she accepts me, she doesn’t laugh or disregard my thoughts.  She has allowed me to give myself to her and she didnt even know it.  At the end of the night when we are relaxing she bathes me and allows me to pick her panties out for the night.  When she gets into bed she touches me and rubs my ass until I fall asleep.

So in summary I am saying love means so much to so many people but when you can transcend into a different relationship where boundaries are defined roles are clarified  expectations are put out in the open.

That’s when it all comes together….

I love my master in more ways than I could ever show her.