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It’s been a long week and I can’t wait for it to be over.  My Master is taking me out of town so my mind has been racing with ways to please her.

But before then I have to tell you what an amazing time we had last weekend.  We had the kids so there wasn’t any spanking but there was the special touch and love only my Master can give me.  Did I tell you how much it means to me to please her!

I was able to go over to her house on Monday night and I couldn’t wait to be inside of her.  Before bed she bathed me and let me shave her legs, wash her and pick out a pair of panties for the night.  They didn’t stay on long she started kissing me and I had to be inside of her..  We both came so hard.

In the morning I have to rub my face on her panties and then pull them to the side and kiss her pussy so softly, I go very slowly and kiss her like I was kissing the lips on her mouth.  When she starts to cum I love to have her wet juices all over my face it’s such a turn on.  When she has cum all over me and she is pleased she holds me and tells me that I pleased her, which sends electrical signals all through my mind as this is so what I wanted.

The best part was as i showered she left me her panties which I smelled all day.

Thank you Master, for you love as it’s the most amazing thing you could ever give me.