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It’s been crazy for both my Master and myself with work, kids, exes. The best part is their is light at the end of the tunnel.  During these times our we revert back to our vanilla life in some ways but it’s never vanilla.

What I mean by that is having what we have our life could never be vanilla because she is my Master and I have given myself to her (for those of you who haven’t read all of the posts…this is in a very loving way we are not into pain as more into pleasure). I think about what it must be like for other people to have the “crazies” happen and say wow how lucky am I to know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much I am loved.

As a man and being a slave doesnt make you any less than a man I have never wanted to lay in the arms of a woman before.  I find at night when I put my head on my masters shoulder and pull her close to me and her arms are around me it’s the most secure feeling I have ever felt.

It’s not about sex it’s about my Master letting me do the small things.  I completely get off by taking care of her.  I love to take care of her feet, make the soft, bathe her, brush her hair,…oh and cant forget wash her panties.  These are the things that make being her slave amazing, yes I love the sex but it’s all the love you feel leading up to that which makes it amazing.

I haven’t masturbated but 2-3 times in the past 3 years.  I find that completely amazing because I am a guy, I jack off that’s what happens.  Now that I have my Master she never asked me not to masturbate I just dont want too.  I dont enjoy it and want to save every drop of cum for her.

Have you ever been on “X”…if so you know how amazing it feels to cum!  Well I cant find any good stuff or I would take it but I cum just as hard without it when we have had an amazing night of touching, caring and pleasing.  What’s amazing to me is the volume…if it’s a quickie it’s not that much but when it’s built up it’s an OMG moment.

OK I am rambling now but just wanted to put some thoughts down because I write this for my Master and hope someone else finds what I have found…TRUE LOVE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE