Why do I always start my messages with it’s been a rough week, it has been a really fucking hard week again!.  Why cant I just do what I want and that’s be at my Masters feet ready to please her?  That’s all I want to do it’s really simple.

Fathers day was amazing, I had to let my Master serve me which was so hard to do because it’s just not right but the kids were there so I was told to go with it.  My master did allow me pull her shorts to the side and fill her with cum mid morning because I was not allowed to cum the night before. OMG did I ever fill her up.. I love to cum inside of her and then feel how much she made me cum.  Then take it and rub it on her nipples and thigh’s.

So back to tonight I wonder what will happen, Master will call me and tell me what she wants me to wear and bring over to her house.  I love to dress in what she likes.  I want so badly to please her and feel her cum all over me again and again.

It’s her birthday soon so I am looking for ideas on what to get her and do for her?  Tell me if you have some good ones.