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My Submissive Mind-

They say the mind is the largest sex organ in your body and I don’t disagree especially when you are so very much in love with your Master. My Submissive Mind I find makes me more submissive, more than i ever realized until recently.

It was a few weeks ago when I I was able to verbalize my feelings to my Master as when she allowed me to put my head in her lap and smell her pussy as she put her hand on my head gently pulling me closer but not allowing me to do anymore than smell.

What I shared was that when I am not with her and we are both on the go I become withdrawn, quiet, and somewhat shy.  When I get this way my Master thinks I am being distant for another reason (not wanting her) but that’s the thing….it’s because I want her and I cant verbalize it….It’s almost when you become so afraid you cant scream.

I finally was able to put it into words for her that when I do become quiet I just want her.  I just want to be next to her.  As her Slave I cherish my Master and she gives me so much love all the time.  All I want is to give her all of me over and over.

I know one thing is that I am very lucky to have my Master and trust her and love her with my life.  She never makes me feel like my feelings are ridiculous she embraces my honesty which makes me want to give her my love and take care of her even more.