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The Queening Chair has been the most amazing item we have added to our “personal play space”.

This is the ultimate Queening Chair for Facesitting

Outta Control Excitement for the Pussy lover!

When My Master sits in her queen-chair  she has the option of tying my hands up to the sides or allowing me to touch her.  She is in complete control of the “Queening” or Facesitting experience.  The springs are what make it so much better than any other one we have used.  My Master controls the amount of pressure on my face and then can go front to back as well.

My Master gets so turned on she will end of squirting all over my face which is the most amazing gift she could give me as I pleasure her

We will also slide it over her cock and then she can BOUNCE up and down on her cock or go slow once again in total control of what she wants.  For her slave it’s so hard not to cum as I want to watch her drench her balls in her sweet juice.

It’s also great for ass worship as there are times when I just want to lick her ass and feel her cum that way.

All around you wont go wrong if you decide to try this.

**I made this one but there is a company that sells something like this online you can buy.