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I apologize up front for taking this from another blog.  listed below

This list that jssubc presented to Mistress Jen is an excellent example or ritualized behavior.

GREET. This would be the most common of positions and usually non verbal. Toy would meet You as You enter and kneel before You with knees outstretched kissing Your feet and removing Your shoes if applicable. The variation on this is if Mistress and slave have just entered toys abode from outside toy would then (as soon as Mistress moves off) be expected to strip and put on the cuffs and offer himself to Mistress in the WAIT position.

SERVE. The only way to serve something to Mistress. Toy kneels before You with knees wide and offering the item with arms extended and the head and eyes lowered until You take it.

CRAWL. On hearing this command this slave drops to his knees and crawls to You, kissing Your feet then lowering this slaves head to the floor between Your feet wiating for Your next command.

PRESENT. There are two versions of this from the one command. If this slave is standing when it is spoken, toy is to immediately stand with legs apart and with hands clasped behind the head, Thus exposing him for Mistresses inspection/use. When slave is kneeling slave is to lean back on the heels and again clasp hands behind the head. In both instances toys back is to be straight, head erect and eyes downcast and remaining that way until released.

WAIT. This is a position where slaves kneels in front of Mistress with knees widely spread resting oh heels with back straight. Toys head is erect with eyes downcast but the hands rest upon the thighs palms up.

WORSHIP. This position is used when slave wishes to show Mistress the subservience She deserves. Toy kneels with the knees spread but lowers the head to the floor. Arms are widely spread and toys palms are on the floor.

FURNITURE. On hearing this command toy will kneel on all fours with head down. Ideal for when Mistress needs a seat for a phone call or a foot rest etc.

INSPECT. At this command toy will spread the legs slightly and reach down to clasp the ankles with head lowered. This will expose toy for Mistresses inspection/punishment.

EXPOSE. Upon hearing this toy will lay the floor with the back flat to it and bring the heels close to the butt pulling on the ankles with the hands which will the legs to be spread widely. This will make toy completely helpless and vulnerable to Mistress.

UP. this is used when toy is serving Mistress sexually. On hearing the command toy is to rise on knees facing Mistress and enter Her, moving as She directs for Her pleasure. Mistress may raise Her feet to Her slaves face at which point toy is to lick and worship Her feet, usually the soles.

ADORE. Slave is to sit at Mistresses feet and massage, lick and kiss every inch of Her feet up to Her ankles. Toy may use hands to massage and hold Mistresses feet.