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It’s a wonder I find myself not wanting to cum at the end of sex like we have all been taught to do.

The Woman cums. Then man cums then man falls asleep or
Man cums man sleeps woman very frustrated she finds new man.

Over the past year or so I have found myself not wanting to cum at the end of the night because I feel so amazing I don’t want my high to end.
When I say high I mean HIGH.

I’ve taken drugs to get myself to this place (ecstasy ) before but now I can get there without them. If you haven’t tried ecstasy you have to be careful there are lot’ of bad shit out there and the good ones are few and far between -good connections are hard to find.

Self Orgasam denial is the process where my master cums and cums harder and harder usually at some point squirting her sweet juices on me and then I bathe her where she will gently touch and suck her cock while I wash her.

Sorry off topic- this euphoric high is so amazing. I feel like I cum so much but don’t ejaculate. In fact I have mentally separated the process of  cumming and the process of ejaculation into two different processes.  When I finally am allowed to cum and can’t take it anymore or my master has taken things into her own hands and just wont stop doing what ever she is doing and I do cum the volume is something I’ve never seen before leave my body. The intensity is by far the highest ever and the length is unexplainable.

These are the words I love to hear!

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