Misconceptions and Expectations – Two things that are guaranteed to FUCK YOUR RELATIONSHIP UP if you dont manage them.

If you haven’t read this blog before you wouldn’t know about “loving someone so much you could be crushed” which is another blog entry I had written.  Essentially if you love someone so much you have to let yourself go to the point you have never let yourself go to really appreciate the love you have and what you have given that person.

Fast forward to today….All is AMAZING between my Master and her slave; however more than once recently people have asked us when we are getting married, what’s next.

FUCK THEM!!!!  Seriously this is the best relationship we have ever had and letting people like that get into our head to tell us what society wants from us not what we want for our future.

We both agree we are together in a very physical and mental way due to our relationship. I know we will be together in the same house one day but until then I take my Master any time I can get her.
Bottom line live your relationship the way you want too and don’t bend to society protocols.