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I am going to share a story from last weekend.

My Master allowed me to bathe her and dress her before bed which always makes her slaves cock very hard.  After pleasing her and feeling her cum all over her slaves face and cock she wanted her slave to cum.

She tied my hands to the “bondage bed (I have made the bed into a bondage bed at all times) and then proceeded to fuck me suck me and then and then she started sucking and stroking her slaves cock.

When she told me to cum is when it started to become out of control.  I came and came again and then came again.

I admit it….I love to lick my Masters Ass….Feeling it get so tight on my tongue and feeling her cum…ALL NIGHT LONG…

THREE TIMES I CAME!  I have never cum so much at once ever.  Each one of these were completely different.

So a guy can be multi orgasmic.