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When I woke up this morning just like every morning I cant wait to please my Master by softly kissing her sweet pussy.

This morning she made me beg for it ….Touched her through her panties softly very softly and laid behind her kissing her neck but I would kiss her like I wanted to kiss her pussy.

She finally let me touch her pussy through her soaking wet panties and  then she let me put my face between her legs.  But I couldn’t taste her only soft kisses.  When She finally let me pull her panties to the side they were so wet and my first lick started right above her ass and I licked her sweet juice out and sucked it up.

Her clit was so hard it made my cock become so much harder.  When she allowed me too make her cum I did and licked and sucked and flicked my tounge on her ass which I love.

I so love to wake my master up this way!

Love to be in this positon

Love to be in this positon