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It’s been a while since I last posted.  It’s not because I dont want to it’s because that job thing has just caused me more heartache than it’s worth.

Last weekend my Master had a very hard week as well so I knew it would be a night where I could just hold her and wrap her up in my arms.  B

Before I did that I had washed and hung up all of her panties that I had about 30 pair.  When I got to her house I organized her panty drawer.  Previously I had put all of her panties in groups and individual trays.

What I realized as I did that was I was doing this for my Master not because she asked me to because she wanted me too.  Is she really my Master or is she the one I ache to please?  Either way I am her slave, her fuck toy her, I belong to her and nothing makes me happier to do something for my Master than to do something like that.

It made me smile it took me to another place!

The picture below is amazing because I love being in front of my Master as she gets ready for bed.

Ready To Please, Ready To Serve!