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As you can see from my previous posts I have given myself to My Master and she is everything to me.  She is truly my world; however, we both have work which has taken me away from this site.

When I am with my Master I quietly sit next to her holding her doing anything she asks me to do, wanting her to collar me and hold the leash tugging on it letting me know who is in charge.

It’s my fantasy every day to welcome her home from work by being on my knees in the bedroom.  My Master would remove her pants and lay me back and mount my face pushing her hot pussy all over me….cumming on me allowing me to taster her.  She cums and gets off of me telling me not to wash my face and to just stay there smelling her panties.  Sorry off track…..

The bottom line is..it’s more important to me today to feel my Masters touch to have my Master show me her love by allowing me to please than ever before.  One might have thought our relationship would change but it keeps getting stronger because I know where I belong.

Finally I can feel secure, finally I know I am truly loved for me and that is all you could wish for in a relationship.


Best of luck