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My Master – Does She Still Want Me?

The inner desire to please my Master Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Sexually slave leashedallows me to accept that I too could be loved as much as I love this person.  I too deserve to be loved as much as I have put into our relationship.

The thought of anyone truly loving me unconditionally has been a “Myth” in my mind until this relationship.  It wasn’t until we found our roles as Master and Slave in a loving FemDom Relationship that I felt for the first time “true love”.  Now some of you will say I’m fucked up and have some sexual addiction issue, if your one of them “go fuck yourself”, you don’t know the first thing about FEMDOM.

The thought of giving myself to someone in my mind is the most amazing gift one could give.  On the other side is having that person accept you for you and all of your faults and strengths is incredibly powerful.  In no other relationship had I ever exposed all of my weaknesses to someone.

Over the past couple of months it seems my Master have drifted apart not (I believe) on purpose just life, kids, work and other items.  My Master feels I’m distant but I’m not…I want to hold her, kiss her, caress her, adore her every chance I can.  So it seems the more she feels I’m distant I become more distant but still feeling the same about her and just wanting to feel her touch.red panties

I wish she would come in the door, collar me right away then get her a COCK TAIL.  It then would be time to take her clothes off of her, bathe her.  Once she is dried and lotioned, I would dress her and she would then allow me to get ready for her.   once ready I would wait for instruction from my Master, maybe she would ask for her queening chair, maybe she would tie me down to the chair and abuse me over and over until she couldnt cum again.

This is just one of the things i wish for….but more than anything I wish she didnt feel I was distant and just held me close because that’s all I want, all I want is to hear her tell me that I have pleased her.

Sounds crazy, I know but when I have pleased her and it’s my turn to cum, she makes me cum so fucking hard.

Loving My Master!OnfaceSitting