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That was the choice Master made from the poll.

So Let me tell you what happened.

I have been so hard all day because of what my Master did to me last night.  I sent her a picture of her cock (it’s her cock attached to me) and let her know how much I wanted to please her.  I was instructed to have a pair of panties by the door when she came over.

When she came in she had a skirt on and i was told to get on my knees and smell her pussy only.  What a sweet smell, her panties were already wet and then she said for me to take them off of her and put the new ones in.  We had to go to the market and I was told to keep those panties in my hand and smell them as we went through the store.

When we got back home she stripped me naked, sucked her cock, and then let me have one taste of her pussy and her juices were so thick it was like honey.  That was it!….she made me stop but I was finally allowed to lick her and have her cum all over me.  I love it when she lets me lick her ass and my face is buried her pussy…OK it’s driving me crazy again.



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If I am good this weekend for my Master What should I ask for as my reward…help me pick!

Lick Her Ass?

Lick Her Ass? Picture A

Having master tie me down and rub her pussy on my face cumming all over me a she pleases...picture b

Having master tie me down and rub her pussy on my face cumming all over me a she pleases…picture b

On my knees bent over as she milks me all of me Picture 3

On my knees bent over as she milks me all of me
Picture 3

The Queening Chair- It’s the best “seat” in the house and has the best view!


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I love it when My Master sits in her Queening chair (see earlier post if you haven’t seen picture)  and slides back and fourth then up and down on my face.   Fucking my face cumming all over my face what a great experience to feel.

Last night Master did exactly that and OMG it drives me crazy.  The day after I cant stop thinking about it.

So is it the best “seat” in the house or the best “view” in the house?  I have to say “view from my perspective”.

Also cant forget that I get to lick her ass softly and let her push down on my face as she cums with the pressure she wants!queen picture

This is the ultimate Queening Chair for Facesitting

Outta Control Excitement for the Pussy lover!

FUCK THAT SHIT! If She wants to put on a leash and walk me through a store she should!

I hate it when you know who you are you know what you want and you cant have it because some stupid vanilla dick or bitch will complain….look at the guy with the collar he cant be in your store.  I SAY FUCK YOU!  (kids can not be around I have limits.

It went down like this we where in Vegas getting some sexy stuff from you know who the guy who has the most amazing collection.  I did get to please my master as she helped me dress.

The other stupid vanilla stores wouldnt let you do shit or let her put her on my leash.

I can dream tooo…..My leash , My colllar makes me so happy to wear to MY MASTERS SLAVsea001standing

A Long Week And I Want Is To Please My Master!


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It’s been a long week with work.

Tonight as I was getting ready to go to my Masters I received a text from her telling me what she wanted me wearing and telling me that if I was good she would allow me to make her cum on my face.

This instantly took that long week and put the biggest smile on my face, it was amazing!

Just when you think you couldn’t give anymore it’s exactly what I needed to do.  I needed to give her every ounce of my attention, give her the love and respect as my Master she deserves.  Then magically I had the biggest smile on my face.Lickin that Ass and Pussy!

I Thought It would Be an Early Night….nope . I washed her She FUCKED Me I MADE HER CUM


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It was a chill night  we had the kids but then when we hit the bedroom something happened….my first command is what it was.

The first command makes my masters slave’s so fucking hard. Once that happens I cant help it.

I washed her I shaved her I  dryed her of.  She then made me put the cock ring on and I was too wait for her in the other room…She let me in and fucking abused her cock and face cumming all over it.  as I begged her.



When I Woke Up She Knew What I Wanted And Made Me Beg For It!


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When I woke up this morning just like every morning I cant wait to please my Master by softly kissing her sweet pussy.

This morning she made me beg for it ….Touched her through her panties softly very softly and laid behind her kissing her neck but I would kiss her like I wanted to kiss her pussy.

She finally let me touch her pussy through her soaking wet panties and  then she let me put my face between her legs.  But I couldn’t taste her only soft kisses.  When She finally let me pull her panties to the side they were so wet and my first lick started right above her ass and I licked her sweet juice out and sucked it up.

Her clit was so hard it made my cock become so much harder.  When she allowed me too make her cum I did and licked and sucked and flicked my tounge on her ass which I love.

I so love to wake my master up this way!

Love to be in this positon

Love to be in this positon

Oh She Fucked Me Alright!…So good


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I am going to share a story from last weekend.

My Master allowed me to bathe her and dress her before bed which always makes her slaves cock very hard.  After pleasing her and feeling her cum all over her slaves face and cock she wanted her slave to cum.

She tied my hands to the “bondage bed (I have made the bed into a bondage bed at all times) and then proceeded to fuck me suck me and then and then she started sucking and stroking her slaves cock.

When she told me to cum is when it started to become out of control.  I came and came again and then came again.

I admit it….I love to lick my Masters Ass….Feeling it get so tight on my tongue and feeling her cum…ALL NIGHT LONG…

THREE TIMES I CAME!  I have never cum so much at once ever.  Each one of these were completely different.

So a guy can be multi orgasmic.

Desire….The Desire to be Fucked


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As a slave their are days where I dream of just being fucked.  Just being fucked so hard by my master and told to make her cum and cum and then have her tell me to CUM and CUM hard.

Last week my Master fucked me and fucked me and then tied my hands up so I couldnt move.  She then started fucking my face cumming all over me and then riding her cock but what got me was when she started stroking me, licking me and telling me to cum.  When she told me to cum it became 10X more intense.

The end result was me cumming 3 times at once….yes 3X  it was three different loads of cum  and it was the most incredible orgasm I had ever had.

Im so lucky to have my master!



Misconseptions and Expectations FUCK IT UP!

Misconceptions and Expectations – Two things that are guaranteed to FUCK YOUR RELATIONSHIP UP if you dont manage them.

If you haven’t read this blog before you wouldn’t know about “loving someone so much you could be crushed” which is another blog entry I had written.  Essentially if you love someone so much you have to let yourself go to the point you have never let yourself go to really appreciate the love you have and what you have given that person.

Fast forward to today….All is AMAZING between my Master and her slave; however more than once recently people have asked us when we are getting married, what’s next.

FUCK THEM!!!!  Seriously this is the best relationship we have ever had and letting people like that get into our head to tell us what society wants from us not what we want for our future.

We both agree we are together in a very physical and mental way due to our relationship. I know we will be together in the same house one day but until then I take my Master any time I can get her.
Bottom line live your relationship the way you want too and don’t bend to society protocols.